10 Safety Precautions When Using and Carrying a Swiss Army Knife

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The Swiss Army knife is designed to be a multi-tasking tool and knife, coming in handy for a vast array of duties. Like all tools and knives, though, safety should be of primary concern when carrying and using this versatile little knife. With the proper care and respect, a Swiss Army knife is a tool that can last a lifetime without any mishaps.

1. Know Your Tools. This knife is specially designed with multiple tools, each serving a specific function. Use them for the purpose they were made for to avoid breaking a tool or causing slippage that can produce wounds.

2. Keep the knife clean and sharpened. Wipe all dirt and grime off the blade and tools. Keeping the blade at the proper sharpness prevents injuries. Dull knives are dangerous; they don't cut properly and can lead to injuries. Dirty tools and blades can rust, become stuck, and again, cause injuries.

3. Be sure to use one tool at a time. Don't have more tools open. The knife is awkward to use properly if several tools are open at the same time.

4. Close every tool and blade when not in use. This prevents problems if a child sees the knife and begins experimenting with it. It can also save the knife, feet, and floor if it is accidentally dropped.

5. Teach children to respect knives and tools. Children should be taught that your Swiss Army knife is a hands-off item. It might be brightly colored and quite intriguing to a youngster who mistakes it for a toy.

6. Know the rules. There are a surprising number of places where a knife can't be carried. Don't be embarrassed or worse yet, risk losing your Swiss Army knife by trying to carry it where it is prohibited.

7. Hold the knife firmly by the handle, another reason for only having one tool at a time out.

8. This may sound silly, but be sure all tools and blades are folded in before you put the knife in your pocket. This will save your clothing and your leg.

9. Use knife etiquette. When handing a knife to another, hand it so they grasp the handle, not a blade or tool. If it isn't closed completely, put the knife down and let them pick it up.

10. Use common sense. Cut away from the body. Use the tools in the same sensible manner.


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10 Safety Precautions When Using and Carrying a Swiss Army Knife

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This article was published on 2010/10/01