A Durable Outdoor Knife - Choosing The Best Knife

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It is essential to always be prepared on a camping or hunting trip. The comforts of civilised life are far from accessible. That means that when you find yourself surrounded by nature, you will quickly discover that having the right tools in your arsenal is priceless. The durable knife is designed for heavy outdoor use and will serve as a functional instrument in everything from creating tent pegs and notches to stripping bark and gutting fish. Primitive versions of knives date back to the Paleolithic era. Obviously, this is one tool that has truly stood the test of time since it still has plenty of uses to this day.

Choosing the right knife is important for your investment to be truly worthwhile. The first thing to consider is the blade's structure. There is no need for it to be any longer than 4 inches. This is enough to accomplish most tasks that will be presented to you, and any additional length simply adds a superfluous weight to your pack. The blade should be fixed and come in a quality sheath. This will protect your knife when it is not in use and prevent it from accidently cutting something.

You will find that the material the blade is made of can create a huge difference in its quality. Triflex or carbon steel are great materials to choose. The blade of the knife should have a single bevelled edge. This will allow the knife to be sharpened to the utmost sharpness and maintain its ideal cutting and stripping ability for a longer length of time. You may find that the blade portion of the knife is shorter than the handle. This is fine, as it will simply give you a better grip for more accurate cutting, slicing, and puncturing.

Then, you will need to consider the properties of the handle. For the greatest strength and durability, you will want your Bushcraft knife to have a full length tang that runs down the entire extent of the handle. The handle itself should be comfortable to hold and sturdy. It can be constructed of various materials, like wood, antler, or composite material. Choose a handle that feels the best to you and suits your purposes the most appropriately. Once you have the perfect knife for you, future camping trips will never again be marred by the lack of a sharp, dependable blade to get the job done.
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A Durable Outdoor Knife - Choosing The Best Knife

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This article was published on 2011/02/19