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A belt buckle knife is a handy little tool that has countless uses. It attaches to your belt with a special mechanism that keeps it securely in place. These knives are made to resemble a fancy belt buckle and most are made of high quality stainless steel.

If you are ever in a tight spot and need the help of a knife quickly, you can grab a belt buckle knife and have it opened in a matter of moments. They can be used when hunting, fishing, camping or for many different repair projects. They are designed in many shapes, sizes and styles. They come in animal designs, like eagles, bulls and scorpions and they also come personalized with a slogan or a symbol. Others are made with unique patterns and many manufacturers will make one from your own custom design.

If you are in the market to purchase a belt buckle knife be sure to get the measurements on the style you like before you buy it. The knife has to be less than two and one-half inches and it cannot be an integral part of the buckle as this could be considered a concealed weapon.

There are many people who collect knives and a belt buckle knife would make an unusual gift. For example if a collector is also a person who enjoys the outdoors there are several different wildlife buckles from which to choose. Or you can purchase a buckle that is engraved with their initials. And if you know someone who loves to ride motorcycles, there are many styles with various motorcycles on them.

A belt buckle knife is not a big knife but it is certainly a useful knife and it’s even accessible when you are sitting down since it rests right on your belt. Check out online retailers as many manufacturers sell not only the buckles but also the belts.

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All about belt buckle knife

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This article was published on 2010/12/27