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Thanks for stopping by to read my review of the Bear Grylls Knife, these are the essentials you really should know before buying.

The thing that first strikes you about Bear Grylls is his sincerity, high level of expert knowledge on everything to do with survival, and (even though I’ve never met him), the inescapable impression that he possesses a high level of personal honesty and integrity in what he does.

In short, combine this with his special forces training and he’s exactly the type of guy you could rely on when the going gets tough in a survival situation. Certainly his TV appearances definitely create this view of him – and I think he seems like a man you can trust when it comes to what field craft knives he recommends.

That being said, with the weight of Gerber’s design expertise and manufacturing excellence behind this knife, the whole package does become very attractive for both the serious outdoorsman and the family camper who want a durable, versatile and well-made knife (with attachments and a survival guide thrown in).

So let’s look at the specification of the Bear Grylls Knife in more detail. Let’s start with the easy grip handle. The textured and ergonomic grip is made of moulded rubber and gives you a sure and firm hold in any conditions. It also has a stainless steel knurled butt cap with a striking surface for hammering, and the lanyard comes with a simple emergency locator whistle.

Now onto the business end, the blade. The fixed 4.75-inch drop-point blade is manufactured from highly durable stainless steel, and the serrated edge of the back half is ideal for sawing through bone, rope and branches. What Gerber calls full-tang blade construction means that the steel has the maximum level of sturdiness and is very hard wearing. Some people have complained that the blade is too short, but the point of this knife is that it’s supposed to be versatile and compact, so I don’t think that criticism is really fair.

The sports nylon sheath that the Bear Grylls Knife comes in is of military grade, and is mildew resistant and lightweight. The sheath also comes with a number of survival features that add to the overall value of the package.

bear grylls knifeLocked within the base of the hardwearing sheath you’ll find an incredibly useful ferrocerium rod, that pulls out and can be used to create sparks when struck in the striker notch found on the back of the knife blade. This makes starting fires at your campsite very quick and extremely easy.

The versatile sheath also houses a diamond sharpener so you can keep the blade of your Bear Grylls Knife sharp at all times, which is essential in real life survival situations. The knife is kept safely inside by a secure Velcro fastener.

This is not all though, and these final touches really do display the thought that has gone into this product’s design from both Bear Grylls and Gerber combined. The package also comes with a pocket survival guide, ‘Priorities of Survival’ – written by Grylls himself.

The guide contains vital information on surviving in the wilderness, while continuing in this vein the sheath also has a patch on the reverse that includes information on how to communicate with search and rescue aircraft. Aside from this being a great knife package, this extra information in the form of the survival guide and communication diagrams in themselves could save your life if you’re caught in a sticky situation in the field.

So that’s the low-down on the whole Bears Grylls Knife package – and I think it really is a winner. If you’re serious about your hunting, fishing, camping, hiking or outdoor survival adventures, this knife package really does have it all – and at a great value price.

And if you just want a well designed and versatile blade for your weekend family camping trips, made by a master knife manufacturer you can trust, this Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Knife package will be perfect for your needs too.

Product details at a glance:

* Hammer Pommel, Full Tang, Emergency Whistle,
Fire Starter, Sheath, Sharpening Stone
* Drop-Point Fixed High Carbon Stainless Steel Blade
* Blade length: 4.75 inches
* Weight: 14.40 ounces
* Overall length: 10 inches
* ‘Priorities of Survival’ guide

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Bear Grylls Knife Buying Information

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