Best Survival Knife: How to Choose the Right One

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So, you have just been convinced to go camping by your friends.  You have bought most of the essentials that you would need for the trip.  Last on your list is the survival knife.  You are told that you really need to have one, not only for this trip, but for your personal use as well.  Now that you are in the store, you are faced with so many kinds of knives that your head is practically spinning out of control.  What you need is help on finding the best survival knife and on how to choose the right one for you.


There are basically three types of survival knives, each with their own different uses.  If the only knife you have ever known is the kitchen knife, then you need to read on to find out more.  To help you find the best survival knife you need to know more about what you need and what the various needs can be used for. The three types of survival knives are:


  1. Fixed or rigid survival Knives
  2. Folding  Blade Survival Knives
  3. Multi-tool knives


Fixed or rigid survival knives are the most ideal for the outdoors.  Its durability and strength makes it more efficient when it comes to the abuse that you will have to put it through.  It is an all around knife that is made of sterner stuff.  You can use this knife to make fire, chop wood, cut down branches, build a shelter, and even for hunting down food.  The fixed or rigid survival knife is invaluable for any outdoorsman.  However, in choosing one, you need to scrutinize the quality.  You might find yourself with a knife whose quality could be compromised by its additional "frills" that you do not really need to have.  The handle should be strong enough to withstand its work without breaking on you.  The steel of the blade should be extended towards the handle for it to be able to withstand the pressure without breaking into two.


Another kind of survival knife that you would need to look into is the folding blade survival knife.  Although not as sturdy as the fixed blade, the folding knife is compact and easy to carry.  It could be best for the minor chores that you need to do at home or as an emergency knife, just in case your fixed blade gets unexpectedly broken.  The folding blade knife should be light and foldable with one hand, preferably, just in case you would need to use it when your other hand is injured.  The knife should also lock in place and not loosen up with repeated use.


The last kind of knife is the multi-tool knife.  This kind of knife is definitely not the survival knife that you need.  But, this could be the best for your car or in your bag because it boasts of several tools in just one handy knife.


Whatever knife you eventually choose, the most important thing to keep in mind is what you need your knife to do.  Now that you have been given an overview of the different kinds of knives and their uses, choosing one for yourself would be relatively easy.


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Best Survival Knife: How to Choose the Right One

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This article was published on 2011/01/11