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There are many topics that are discussed by campers around the warm campfire. From the best deer rifles and the most reliable 4x4 to the prettiest girls and the toughest football teams, there are clearly many topics shared by men who are out roughing it. Another topic that may come up is what the most dependable survival knife is. After all, a good knife is one thing an avid camper and hunter will not want to be without. Most campers will argue the point that the Mora survival knife is the best all-around hunting knife you can find. Here are all the reasons your friends may be arguing in favor of this kind of knife.

While there is more than one kind of Mora knife, the fixed-blade Mora survival knife is three or four inches long with a sleek, multi-functional design. You can do everything from peeling potatoes and cutting rope to gutting fish and cleaning out small game. This kind of knife looks like a paring knife, but it comes with a sheath and is constructed out of durable materials that make it great for an outdoor wilderness environment. It is known for holding a sharp edge, and when it does need to be sharpened, the task can be completed easily.

A Mora survival knife is lightweight, weighing just around 2.5 ounces. With all of its combined specifications, this is clearly a knife you would not to be without when you go camping. Consider the possibility of finding yourself stranded in the wilderness. Your Mora survival knife will be a priceless tool to have at your side for a multitude of tasks. Keep in mind that Mora knives are certainly respected among all kinds of outdoorsmen, but they are not designed for continual hard use. Be that as it may, there is hardly task you are likely to face that the Mora survival knife cannot handle.

The lightweight and short blade of the knife makes it a trustworthy and un-burdensome companion. As you build your supply list of what you need for your next camping, hiking or hunting trip, you will certainly want to add the Mora survival knife to the list. The affordability and longevity of the knife make it an unquestionably wise investment for anyone who camps, even only occasionally. You will be glad you have your Mora knife by your side when you are presented with a variety of situations.
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Mora Survival Knife - The Best Of The Best

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This article was published on 2011/02/19