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It varies from 2.5 to 4 inches in length, and is a multi-functioned knife. It differs from a professional cooks knife because a cooks knife uses a board to chop & slice food, while this knife can be used almost anywhere.

Manufactured with high levels of carbon & steel, it is an excellent choice for all of the cooks & chefs alike. It has edges curved in such a way to cut through the skins & peeling off the skin of different vegetables and fruits. There are dozens of different brands selling loads of paring knives in the market. It is highly recommended to get good suggestions from people you know that have been using them. Every household has a cook or a chef, either hired or done on own. You can ask any of the experts and they will provide you with an unbiased opinion on which one of the small knife to choose. A good quality of paring knife should have a soft exterior & hard interior for brilliant cutting and flawless handling. High cobalt carbon Swedish steel knives are the best known for their quality as paring knives in the market

Just like every household item needs care paring knives too, and are no exceptions. You dont want to keep on buying a new paring knife every week just because its edges got rough or you lost it. Maintenance is a big factor for life long usage of the knives. What many people do is that once they buy paring knife, they use it for all purposes excluding kitchen, like cutting wires, cardboard papers, boxes, and other similar products. When you use it for purposes besides its actual use, its life will be reduced drastically and you dont want to let that happen you. Handle with great care. As these are sharp never ever put them in a place where your kids approach to them is easy. After every use, wash and clean them thoroughly. You should store it at a place where kids can not access it. Somewhere in a magnetic rack in a kitchen cupboard would be a great storage idea for your paring knife.

One such company making good quality paring knife is Wusthof. Wusthof paring knife is excellent tool of precision, razor sharpness &lifelong commitment towards quality. The ones having serrated edges are known as serrated paring knife. These knives are ideal for every kitchen usage, because they are very suitable for peeling fruits 7 vegetables skins easily, given their portable nature fitting in every palm of customers hands.
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Paring Knife

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This article was published on 2010/12/07