Utility Knife Safety Lesson: Knife Handling Safety Tips

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The first utility knife safety tip is to choose the proper knife for the job.
Utility knives come in a variety of different shapes and sizes, and though these knives may be versatile, each is designed for a particular purpose.Learn which utility knife blade is appropriate for the task youre planning on doing, to ensure that the cutting job is done safely and correctly.

What material are you planning on cutting? Wood, cardboard, plastic, or fabric? Select the appropriate utility knife for the job. The edge of your utility knife should indicate its designated purpose.Blades with fine edges tend to produce smoother, cleaner cuts, while serrated knife blades are good for cutting packaging materials and cardboard.

Ensure that youve got a secure grip. One of the most important factors in utility knife safety is ensuring that you have a secure grip on the knife handle. If you can firmly grasp the knife handle, youll lessen the chance of your hand slipping forward onto the blade, not to mention youll be putting less stress on your hand. Before purchasing a utility knife, ensure the handle feels comfortable in your grip.Also keep in mind you should be able to perform cutting jobs without excessive wrist movement or bending.

Pay attention. To prevent utility knife accidents to yourself and others, pay attention while youre using the tool. Always use a cutting motion away from the body and stand well away from others. Thatll prevent the knife from cutting you or another individual if your grip slips. Remember that it only takes a second of distraction when youve got a sharp blade in your hand to result in a serious cut or injury. Dont perform cutting tasks while talking with others, and dont let your mind wander. If youre interrupted during your cutting task, place the knife down and finish the job later.

Always hold the utility knife properly.Remember to always keep your fingers, thumbs, and other hand out of the way while cutting.If you do have to grip the object youre cutting, take care to not cut towards your hand.

Utility knife storage matters.Properly sheath your utility blade after use, and never leave the knife exposed on a floor, in a drawer, or on any other surface.If you keep your knife clean and sharp, itll reward you with a lifetime of good service.

  • Keep your utility knives both clean and sharp.
  • Never use utility knives as a screwdriver or as a tool to pry an object.
  • Sheathe your utility knife before handing it to another individual.
  • When finished with the knife, close it and put it away.
  • Only hold your utility knife by the handle.
  • Avoid pressing down on the blade of utility knives while cutting.

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Utility Knife Safety Lesson: Knife Handling Safety Tips

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This article was published on 2010/09/25